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If you have found your way here, it isn’t by accident. You may not even know how or why you stumbled upon my humble piece of the internet, but what is clear is that you’re seeking something beyond… Healing beyond what you previously thought was possible, a life beyond what you planned, an ease and way of being that you didn’t know existed. 

Whether you are here because of a physical injury or ailment, stress/ anxiety/ mental health concerns, or stepping into a phase of great transformation (or as I like to say, blowing up your life) - a part of you knows and is seeking a deeper layer of healing.

There is no one size fits all or quick fix to any ailment or dis-ease. Our physical and energetic bodies are intricately connected. What affects one, affects the other. So you can address the back pain with physical therapy and massages, but it won’t truly be resolved until you also address the energetic/ emotional ties that bind it as well. 

Across my own healing journey I’ve studied and explored with many healers, modalities, and tools. Calling on what is most effective in the moment. The only constant is change and as a result the more tools we have at our disposal, the more effectively we can support our growth and healing.

Each private session is intuitively guided and customized specifically to address your needs and concerns. They may include psycho (mind), somatic (body), and/ or energy work. Utilizing modalities such as Reiki, yoga, sound healing, breathwork, EFT (tapping), meditation, myofascial release, Human Design, and more… Please make your selection from the following options and I look forward to our time together.

"If you've found Angela Tara Hsu, allow me to take a pause and a happy sigh for you. You have arrived in an elemental space. A place of being, compassion, and potential.

We choose our guides for so many reasons. Angela is like a river in my mind. Accessible to everyone, she flows with what is and offers boundless tools of nourishment. Yes, she is a beacon who consistently creates an oasis for my energetic and physical body. But more than that, she is so very human. A friend to share truths and intentions with. I love her dearly as the magic she is. It is a fierce and gentle love to be supported by Angela.

Working with Angela, I am always seen, heard, and held through her uniquely experiential energy and heart. She deeply understands the truths we wade through as we open towards sometimes very challenging transformations. The time I spend rooting & connecting alongside Angela is boldy precious to me. She is someone I always look to for best practices for connection and healing in the world we find ourselves in today. It's a brave praxis, and I feel lucky to have Angela in my tribe."

-Gabrielle L. 

Not ready to deep dive yet?

Curious to explore, but maybe not straight into the deep end? Consider joining me for Energy Medicine - virtual community healing sessions, suitable for anyone and everyone. Dip your toe into the world of energy work amongst a supportive community of other seekers and self-healers like you.

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