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New Clients - 90min Consultation & Healing Session

Congratulations for choosing to make your healing a priority!

Our first session together will include:

  • A deep dive of your healing goals and areas of concern.
  • Options for treatment and support of those goals.
  • An intuitive healing session utilizing agreed upon modalities for treatment.
  • You'll also receive a recording of the session to revisit as needed.

*** Disclaimer! These sessions do not replace conventional medical diagnosis or care. Even if you begin to feel better, please continue any medications/ treatments as prescribed by your physician until instructed otherwise.***

What People Are Saying:

I had been been struggling with post concussive syndrome and PTSD... my sleep was terrible, I was stressed out and felt sluggish and bloated... Angela was very relaxed and approachable. She explained everything very clearly and demystified the process for me... Truthfully, I thought I might just relax a bit and go home...Later still I noticed that I was releasing tears and had a major emotional release. I wasn’t sobbing but it was as if my body just needed to let go of some emotions... Through the process I was relaxed and felt safe. I think the most important thing is to stay open minded to the process. Since then I have retained a level of peace. My sleep is better. I am more active and feel more grounded. I will be returning for more sessions to keep myself open and centered! It is definitely worth a try! Angela’s energy is very healing!

Caroline G.

I was diagnosed with a rare leukemia in 2013, and my wife and doctors suggested yoga...Miraculously, I continue to battle the disease despite statistics suggesting the contrary, and I am positive our yoga and reiki sessions together have been part of the health I enjoy today. She is a special, anointed, talented instructor on the physical level and beyond...I also benefited from several reiki sessions with Angela as she worked to correct and align the energy disrupted from all the chemo and drugs used to fight back the leukemia. All in all, being a student of hers, and becoming a friend has been a great blessing for me and my wife.

Scott S.

I had the pleasure of taking Angela's wonderful yin yoga classes on and off for a few years before I looked into her Reiki offerings. I was skeptical at first, like so many because it was something new, but I was in need of help working through mounting anxiety and stress. I booked my first session with Angela and as soon as I walked in I knew I was in the right place. Her caring and compassionate nature is just what I needed. The Reiki sessions were extremely relaxing, Angela creates a sacred space and a feeling of safety and calm while giving Reiki. The results of my sessions were me feeling more calm, focused, less scattered, and present from day to day. I also enjoyed her book recommendations to help me shift my perspective and grow. I would recommend anyone who feels a bit off,  run-down, or stressed out to take a session with Angela!

Carla B.

I had no knowledge of Reiki, so, much to my surprise, working with Angela not only brought relief and a lifting of physical and emotional pain, but also a new willingness to open my mind to different modalities of healing... My father’s death was very traumatic and drawn out, and I was in a state of combined rage and paralysis. I was in Korea and Angela was in Durham. We set a time together, and much to my amazement, I found peace in an Intensive Care Unit... It is difficult to explain what happened. All I can tell you is that the state of extreme tension my body and mind were in for 17 days (at that point), released. I was able to be at peace with my father’s condition, and upon his death two days later, I was able to accept it with a loving heart intact... There is no question in my mind that Angela guided me to that state. Angela is a tremendous resource and would be an asset to anyone’s wellness practice. She has a calling and she follows it. Get to know her. Practice with her. Study with her. Let her in. She’s one of the good ones that we all hope to have in our lives.

Laura S.